Point of View

Looking for Alaska is written in Miles point of view, in first person. Miles tells us a lot about his feelings, and the way he experiences all of the events and the way he sees everything. This kind of book is interesting when it is written in first person as in this book, where we … More Point of View

Book analysis

I think I am going to write a book analysis about Looking for Alaska. Writing an analysis will give me a challenge, and I hope i can write a good analysis to this book.

The setting

The first part of the book takes place in Orlando, Florida where Miles lives with his family. As I wrote in my last post Miles are staring at Culver Creek Preparatory School in Alabama. And as far as I know, the rest of the story takes place there. At the school every student share a … More The setting

My Choice of Book

I chose to read the book Looking for Alaska by John Green for this assignment. I´ve read a few of Green´s books before, and I have really enjoyed them. This book looked interesting and I have heard a lot about it before, so i thought this would be a great opportunity to read it. This book has won several awards and … More My Choice of Book